10 Reasons why we are closer to friends than Family

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People frequently chose family over friends but do you know most of the people feel more connected with their friends. Friendship is also important just as your family. Both family and friends are associate with your happiness and health. Generally, people with close friends are intend to be more happier and stress free. We may have circumstances in our life which we cannot share it with family but definitely can share with friends.

A good friendship is develop from our childhood and stay connected till the death apart them. A good friend will always support you and can be there for you any time. You need a friend at every stages of life. You will remember them no matter how far you are from friends. When you remember the old days of sharing food to cloth, cigarette to drinks, feelings to breakups, and all things which we cannot share with our family. These old memories will always bring tear of joys and happiness in our life.

If you ask me some good qualities of a close friend then here is my answer:

He/she will always make fun of you.

Will always there for you even it 3 am in the morning.

Will fight for you against the whole world.

Always call you from your pet name.

You can share your secrets without hesitation.

He/she will make you laugh even when you are crying.

Will always say NO to your work but do it.

Always advise what is right for you, not what you want to hear.

Always kick your ass but when someone does that, he/she will kick their ass harder.

So, if haven’t wish your close friends then here are some of the great friendship status you can share with your friends. Tell them you still love them and miss the old days. If you have some big quarrels with your friend then solve it as soon as possible. Life is too short to lose your close friends. Share this with your friends (YOUR BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER).

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