WhatsApp to Ban Users Who Run Modded Version of Their App


Facebook-owned instant messenger app, WhatsApp with recorded 1.5 billion monthly users over 180 countries is the largest instant messenger app in the world. People can easily download WhatsApp from Google play store for android and apple app store.

WhatsApp is banning users who are using a modded version of their app. These modded version of WhatsApp are providing some features which are not available in their official app. But these apps can be at the risk of being hacked. Your personal details, chat history and contacts are at risk of being a hack. To ensure privacy and data security, WhatsApp has banned a few of their users from their messaging platform.

These banned users will see a message on their screen “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.” If you see this message on your screen, then you’ll need to uninstall the app modded version quickly and download the official app from Google Play Store to restore services. Sadly, WhatsApp has not clarified whether doing this method will restore the chat history of users or not. The precautions have been taken to save users from being hacked.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is testing some of the new features for their users such as dark mode, and fingerprint lock to make your chats more secure and WhatsApp group invitation features.

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